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Stereotype Threat
What is Stereotype threat?
Stereotype threat refers to added pressure experienced by group members ( such as women or African-Americans for example ) in a situation in which it might be possible to confirm a negative stereotype about them.

Board DiversityBoard Diversity Slipping – By Melissa J. Anderson (New York City)
Released last week, the 2010 Alliance for Board Diversity Census revealed some discouraging news. Despite the efforts of many organizations to highlight the importance of board diversity, despite the overwhelming business case for diversity …

ShoesBeneath the Numbers- According to The Boston Club’s 2009 census of Massachusetts public companies, the percentage of women executives is at its lowest point since 2003.
“The census is really about how the companies are doing putting women in board and executive officer positions. …

WomanGroup Sets Board Goals - By Melanie H. Axman (Boston)
It’s no surprise that throughout the economic downturn, companies’ resources have become scarce, and issues of diversity and gender inclusion tend to take a backseat to shrinking profit margins…

Gender Diversity on US Boards - By Eleanor Bloxham
Despite new SEC requirements that companies disclose efforts to diversify their boards, there are very few women with board seats today…

True Diversity Doesn’t Start with Compliance - By Kelly Tanner
Recent changes within the Department of Labor have resulted in a new focus on compliance audits of existing workplace regulations by the OFCCP and EEOC. This initiative has caused corporations to…

Investing In Women -  By Charlie Corbett
Men Still Dominate Boardrooms, but More Women at the Top Could Boost Returns